Missing link – Iberian cavalry

I have been short of Iberian cavalry for some time, and appears that my order contained one unit only, so I will be short of nominal complement for quite some time. However, to make most out of available figures, I managed to build one unit of Iberian mounted men – which incidentally appear to be quite bit better than the Roman counterparts. Not only because they have a bit higher impetus value – that is not really relevant, but because Caetratii may throw their javelins over the CM units without penalty – and they have VBU of 3. Something that might turn out to be remarkably handy feature.

Iberian cavalry4 Iberian cavalry3

I really wasn’t sure about couple of things, first I know that mail and iron were used readily in Iberia at the time, some excellent quality. Therefore I thought that mounted wealthier tribesmen (or nobles if the term applies) would be clad in mail, and wear iron or steel helmet instead of bronze. I also deducted – perhaps falsely that they would have trousers and boots in celtic fashion. If these assumptions are wrong, my apologies and would appreciate correction so I can implement it in future.

Iberian cavalry1

Additionally, I reduced the figure count somewhat per base, and hopefully I will bring some other elements to the vacated space in future. Probably I won’t change any of the existing ones, nor alter the extremely dense Cataphract layout but others will probably be seen this way.

Iberian cavalry2

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