Eastern slingers

I found some extra slingers I ordered a long while ago, and thought that I could quickly paint up two additional units. There are occasional uses for them, mostly because they are very good against cavalry, but also because they tend to be rather on the cheap side for 12 points for VBU 2 and 14 for VBU 3. Most armies may hire them, so there is no doubt about their usefulness.

Eastern slingers5 Eastern slingers4

For their style, I thought to elect an eastern look, so they could serve any armies that are fielded around Mediterranean, or even further east – which pretty much covers my Impetus armies and interest for the period. Additionally, I played a bit of experiment on the basing, to see if there could be a bit more on the base than just steppe grass field / or golf course. Perhaps slingers could benefit from some additional protection…

Eastern slingers3 Eastern slingers2 Eastern slingers1

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2 Responses to Eastern slingers

  1. Really nice, realistic choice of colours. The basing is very good, too, and looks like a piece cut out of a landscape. Could be interesting to add a tree here and there to the bases.

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks. I thought about the trees, or larger brushes, but always – or at least until recently thought that it looks a bit weird if big pieces of landscape (ruins, buildings, trees and such) take a walk over battlefield. But as you say, I should give really a try.

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