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New gaming surface in progress

As I briefly indicated some time ago, I would discontinue the use of the modular board layout that has been serving me for quite some time (which, by the way, in it’s stripped form is becoming a sort of giveaway). … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – A Brief History of Fighting Ships

I came by a book called A Brief History of Fighting Ships – Ships of the Line and Napoleonic sea battles 1793 – 1815 by David Davies (ISBN# 9781841194691) and thought that I might as well read it – albeit … Continue reading

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Call to Arms!

Are you a captain on a half pay and looking for a lucrative command at the Caribbean? There is one opening for extra captain in the SCA PBEM Kriegspiel. We can get about with current layout, but additional captain would … Continue reading

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Basing of Roman legions

I have thought for some time that the tight, closed ranks that I have used so far represent a bit too much of the parade ground arrangement and lack the inevitable distortion that is bound to happen during actual field … Continue reading

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Iberian Army fielded

One thing I like about Impetus Punic War(s) period is the versatility that can be utilized, not only to build armies of different configurations, but also that minor additions allow one to field armies of different nations. Iberians for example … Continue reading

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Missing link – Iberian cavalry

I have been short of Iberian cavalry for some time, and appears that my order contained one unit only, so I will be short of nominal complement for quite some time. However, to make most out of available figures, I … Continue reading

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Eastern slingers

I found┬ásome extra slingers I ordered a long while ago, and thought that I could quickly paint up two additional units. There are occasional uses for them, mostly because they are very good against cavalry, but also because they tend … Continue reading

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