Army of Syracuse fielded

Finally, after several months of pushing them back in the priority list, I have managed to finish the army Syracuse for Basic Impetus. They have the privilege to be the first army to be completed in 2015. They have no combat experience yet, but that ought to change soon since they can be conveniently pitted against Carthage and Rome. At the moment, army consists of following.

Syracuse army

1x CL M:12 VBU:3 I:1 VD:2 [Tarantines, javelin]
3x FP M:5 VBU:5 I:2 VD:3 [Mercenaries, long spear]
1x FP M:5 VBU:4 I:1 VD:3 [Syracusans, long spear]
2x FL M:8 VBU:4 I:1 VD:2 [Pelatsts, javelin]
2x S M:8 VBU:3 I:0 VD:1 [Short Bow]
1x ART M:0 VBU:1 I:0 VD:1 [Artillery A]

Alternatively I can substitute the two peltasts with impetuous Gauls. At the moment, however, they are quite defensive force with immobile artillery support.

2x FL M:8 VBU:4 I:4 VD:2 [Gauls – impetuous]

Syracuse is fourth army in my Basic Impetus collection. Others that have been completed are Carthage, Rome, Seleucids – additionally, there are some, such as Iberians that are short of single cavalry unit. Next is is time to finish the ones that are few units short, move to expand Romans and Carthaginians and a bit later build armies  of Alexander & Porus. Before that happens, however, I have to work through some French infantry and other things around that era, such as new, somewhat larger field of battle.

I am also readying another go of Signal Close Action Kriegspiel, part II and if interested, I take volunteers. More details on that to follow.

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