Greek Hoplites – finally fielded

It took a long while to paint these four bases worth (144 individuals) of Italian hoplites that are to represent mercenary force of Syracuse, hired from Greek city states in Italy and Sicily. It isn’t that many units to paint but there were certain details I wanted to include that proved to be more work than anticipated. Freehand shield designs were another matter, I tried to paint them to reasonable standard, and they look better than the African counterparts but are not perfectly satisfactory. I am relatively happy how the units turned out, but at same token, will probably abandon any hopes to build hoplite army of any significance – unless I get really bored with everything else. Anyways, four bases should provide sufficient numbers for BI Syracuse and then again enough allies for Rome and Carthage, should need rise. Only addition I might consider is a separate depth bonus unit.

So, here they are:

Italian Hoplites7Italian Hoplites6 Italian Hoplites4 Italian Hoplites3Italian Hoplites5 Italian Hoplites2

I thought about units that can be deployed in depth and I am not entirely happy with the current method of staking regular bases one after an another. If unit depth is more than frontage, it looks somehow wrong. Square bases are all right but more than that looks and feels awkward. Therefore, at least for pike phalanx that can be substantially more deep than other units in Impetus require – at least in my opinion little shallower units that indicate the depth than regular 60mm x 30mm. After a bit of experimenting, I thought that 60mm x 15mm would be good bonus base, in which case fully deployed deep phalanx would not exceed visually acceptable square layout. 

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1 Response to Greek Hoplites – finally fielded

  1. Fantastic shieldwork! Very handsome warriors, for sure.

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