French Dragoons – Done

One milestone has been reached now for the Napoleonic front – not a whole lot, I admit. All four regiments of dragoons are now ready to take the field. It is significant boost for the French – they are, after all backbone of the French cavalry arm.French new format5 Next would be then to finish of three regiments of Cuirassiers and quite a lot of infantry – especially when it means doubling most of the existing ones.French new format4

Entirely different topic, I did contemplate in the past about having four stands to represent infantry battalions, two for artillery and two for cavalry regiments in DSLB. Now that is settled and I will use four bases instead of two. They do look better and make battlefield less cluttered.

Infantry in line

Infantry in line

Infantry in marching column

Infantry in marching column

Of course one thing lead to another, and now that battalion line frontage got 100% increase from 60mm to 120mm, bigger battlefield is required. I have been contemplating for some time that flocked felt mat that is thick enough not to bend too much, but thin enough to store it rolled would be quite optimum solution. Of course my planned table will not be able to accommodate substantial battles, but I think that roughly 5-7 battalions on each side would give interesting fights, and yet sufficient room to maneuver.

Attach column

Attack column

Infantry square

Infantry square

I thought – initially at least to set a layer of caulk mixed with paint and sand on the deep green felt, followed by some highlighting and then flocking the mat with two layers. First would be various turf, and rougher stones, second layer would be static grass. We shall see within a next month or so how that turns out.

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2 Responses to French Dragoons – Done

  1. Jon Freitag says:

    Nice work!

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