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Signal Close Action Kriegspiel, Part II

And returning back to the original topic of the blog… Got a bit carried away with Impetus. As mentioned earlier, I have started to prepare second part of Signal Close Action Kriegspiel. This time both sides have small fleet, and … Continue reading

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Army of Syracuse fielded

Finally, after several months of pushing them back in the priority list, I have managed to finish the army Syracuse for Basic Impetus. They have the privilege to be the first army to be completed in 2015. They have no … Continue reading

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Greek peltasts

Now following two stands worth of eastern light infantry, peltasts. Originally intended for Syracuse but until now served for Seleucids. Hoplites were fielded last week, so BI army of Syracuse is soon complete. Technically, Seleucid light infantry that I intend to represent should probably be … Continue reading

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Greek Hoplites – finally fielded

It took a long while to paint these four bases worth (144 individuals) of Italian hoplites that are to represent mercenary force of Syracuse, hired from Greek city states in Italy and Sicily. It isn’t that many units to paint but … Continue reading

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AAR: Basic Impetus – Roman failures continue

There has been yet another game of Basic Impetus where mighty Roman legions opposed again the phalanx of Seleucid empire. While two last games were really a breeze for the Seleucids, and Romans stood no changes what so ever, this … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action Kriegspiel – Conclusion

As mentioned in couple of other posts, I have played with an idea to establish game of Signal Close Action in a way that neither player has benefit of god perspective over the battlefield. We then went on to test … Continue reading

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Improving DSLB command structure

I have always thought that for Napoleonic era game to work properly, command structure should rely, not on arbitrary range between commander and troops, but rather messenger who can travel any distance, but to travel distance would take time. This … Continue reading

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French Dragoons – Done

One milestone has been reached now for the Napoleonic front – not a whole lot, I admit. All four regiments of dragoons are now ready to take the field. It is significant boost for the French – they are, after all … Continue reading

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