Plans for the next year

It is time to close the current year and look what is on the work desk for 2015. It has been fairly productive 2014, started Impetus with Ancients and DSLB for Napoleonics. On the downside, naval fleet building was pushed somewhat on aside.

For 2015, I should build number of 64 and 74 gun ships of the line and several smaller craft such as schooners, brigs and sloops that have been waiting for a year now in the cupboard. Perhaps amend the  fleet with few East Indiamen, other misc vessels and some shore installations and islands.

In the Napoleonic armies I would need to repaint French with new colors, and decide wether to base everything in 2 30mm square bases, or adopt more visually pleasing arrangement of 4 30mm square bases. Meanwhile Prussians lack Russian support and Austrian army would require further reinforcements. Rules wise, I also have March Attack to take a look at in detail.

For Ancients I do have Syracuse to finish, and perhaps at later time start Classical Indians and their long bow and elephant army. Expansion of both Romans and Seleucids is imminent – latter into direction of Alexander’s army and former to offer proper quantity against the Carthaginians.

That said, opportunities to field the armies in table are in priority. So far the Age of Sail and ancients with Impetus have taken the field more often than DSLB. I will also take closer look at the SCA PBEM kriegspiel that has first test game ongoing and see if that could be developed a bit further.

So have a nice new year, and hopefully it turns out to be good one!

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1 Response to Plans for the next year

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing your projects develop.

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