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Plans for the next year

It is time to close the current year and look what is on the work desk for 2015. It has been fairly productive 2014, started Impetus with Ancients and DSLB for Napoleonics. On the downside, naval fleet building was pushed … Continue reading

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Greek artillery

After reading the books about Syracusan history, I am quite convinced that that Syracuse is the ultimate fighting force if you wish to have variable historical opponents.  Syracusan armies have several interesting features, besides of being ultimately mercenary army which allows unusually large … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend, The Tyrants of Syracuse, II Volume

Not a long time ago I looked at promising book of ‘The Tyrants of Syracuse‘. and now it is time to look at the second Volume, ‘War in Ancient Sicily 367-211BC’ by Jeff Champion (ISBN# 9781844682966). Second volume continues quite … Continue reading

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