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Reading for the Weekend: Frigate Commander

One more biography from British Navy. This time it is turn of Graham Moore in Frigate Commander (Tom Wareham, ISBN# 9781783032327). Moore started his career from not so humble origins since he had connections that would give him a good, but perhaps … Continue reading

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AAR – Somewhere in Syria, Romans vs. Seluicids

Debut of newly build Seluicid army. They are formidable force in paper, having very strong cavalry contingent and much stronger ranged units than Romans – Republicans incidentally have only velites. I did have a plan – I would have the sarissa … Continue reading

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Army of Seluicid Empire takes the field

Slow progress has now reached intermediary conclusion and one version of Basic Impetus Seleucid army is ready. First against Romans, and perhaps later against some other Successors. 1x CP*, M:10, VBU: 6, I: 4, VD: 3 3x FP, M:5, VBU: … Continue reading

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