Iberian Shields, Part II

Iberian contingent is slowly taking shape and should be soon ready as independent Basic Impetus army. Another two bases are ready.Iberian contingent1

Iberians appear to be somewhat odd bird. At outset army looks somewhat boring. Nothing fancy and uncontrollable like impetuous Gauls or Celtiberian warbands. In fact, Iberians have appearance of something that cannot, under no circumstances stand against Roman legions (not that they did in reality). Just a bunch of javelin armed warriors and few of the same mounted. However, as usual, their effectiveness as fighting force relies in available force multipliers. The warriors are javelin armed light foot, and they are supplemented by couple of rather good skirmishers that are able to engage in shock combat. They also possess javelin armed cavalry that can be rapidly deployed to most annoying positions behind Roman lines.Iberian contingent7 Iberian contingent5 Iberian contingent6

So, in theory, when the territory is in favor – which ought to be the case since the Iberian wars took place in their home turf, ranged light foot units (and expendable skirmishers) should provide an interesting game. It only depends if one can choose the time and place.Iberian contingent4 Iberian contingent2 Iberian contingent3

We did of course, test the Iberian Basic Impetus army with proxies against Rome and found out that they are remarkably strong – even when plagued by bad luck. Essentially, you just need to be where Romans aren’t facing, or cannot easily go. Every bit of difficult terrain and time counts as huge advantage for the Iberians. Roman lack of decent cavalry, underlined their critical weakness once again.

Thus far Iberian / Celtiberian contingent includes four units of Light Cavalry (CL), four Scutarii (FL), two Gauls pretending to be Celtiberians, two Caetratii (S) and one unit of Balearic Slingers (S).

Forgot to add Iberian medium cavalry (CM) in the previous order so I need to substitute it for a while by some other unit. One Scutarii and two Caetratii are waiting to be painted.

Iberian contingent8

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3 Responses to Iberian Shields, Part II

  1. I really like the variety of shield designs in combination with the arrangement on the base. Looks just beautiful. I found Iberians very interesting as an army, too. Not attached to Hannibal they can not rely on good heavy foot (if no Celtiberians are used), but can be very strong if terrain is used properly. You could also run a Sertorius list, if Impetus allows for this. It would give you the option to field some romans to support your light troops.

  2. Tichy says:

    Thanks for your comment. Now that you mention it, Sertorian Lucitanians are available for Impetus. That said, there appears to be no real historical knowledge of the actual composition of Sertorian military to give strong support for or against the beta list. Period historians (Plutarch and others) were more interested in his character than army composition – unfortunate as it is from the wargaming perspective.

    Impetus beta list for Serotorian Lucitanians can be found here (in case someone is looking for it): http://www.dadiepiombo.it/images/stories/dp/beta1e.html

    That said, they are rather heavy on Caetratii and other lights, which is probably good educated guess since the terrain would play largely in their favor. Roman elements are of course present as well, and could act as the proverbial anvil. You are right, they could actually be rather interesting to play.

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