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Review – Close Action

As I have mentioned earlier, my first preferred naval game in Age of sail was Mark Campbell’s Close Action and it’s two published supplements. Considering that game was published 1997, it had very long career until it ended up having … Continue reading

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Seleucid Shields of Silver

I thought of making argyraspides first, since their shield designs are on the easier side at least in this scale of things. Also, they had potential to look really intimidating and imposing at the field of battle. Instead of regular three ranks … Continue reading

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Archers from Creta

They have travelled quite some distance to reach Syria, but nevertheless they have made the journey in hopes of better pay than elsewhere. Their reputation has reached all corners of Mediterranean by now. Not unlike Balearic and Rhodean slingers, Cretan … Continue reading

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Iberian affairs, and something about Lucitanians

Iberian contingent was short of two Caetratii, so I took a bit of time to finish them off. Techically I only needed two for Basic Impetus Iberian army, but but three would enable me to build half sized (half minimums and … Continue reading

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Debut of Seleucids

As mentioned in earlier post, I thought of building Successor force for [Basic] Impetus. Mostly because I like eastern variety and Macedonian pike blocks.  There is of course opportunities for interesting battles against wide variety of enemies. With minor alterations, Successor army … Continue reading

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Boatwork and red hot shot

Boatwork is one interesting aspect that is often overlooked in age of sail games. Usually people find it entertaining to have biggest available ships to bash each other out until night arrives or until, by miracle one or other has given … Continue reading

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Iberian Shields, Part II

Iberian contingent is slowly taking shape and should be soon ready as independent Basic Impetus army. Another two bases are ready. Iberians appear to be somewhat odd bird. At outset army looks somewhat boring. Nothing fancy and uncontrollable like impetuous Gauls or Celtiberian warbands. … Continue reading

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