Enter Syracusa

Because I needed some Italian allies for Carthage, an option came up to build army for Syracuse. I checked what is actually needed to form a functional army for BI and surprisingly or not, most units that would be nice to have for Carthage are found in Syracuse list. So, off I went and bought some reinforcements  – and at a same go, had little more variation.

Republican Romans have little deployment issue in Impetus (or, rather, Roman republic had a problem, due to way armies were raised). You have to get whole legion with high cost, or amend existing force with Gallic or italian FL. I will eventually need to have some italian allies (or use Peltasts for that purpose) to use for Rome. While Gauls are nice, they do not actually work that well for Roman army – or so I think. 

So, mighty Syracuse will have following as a standard layout:

1x CM*, M:10, VBU:4, I:1, VD:3
3x FP, M:5, VBU:5, I:2, VD:3 (long spear)
1x FP*, M:5, VBU:4, I:1, VD:3 (long spear)
2x FL, M:8, VBU:4, I:1, VD:2 (peltasts: javelin)      
3xS, M:8, VBU:2, I:0, VD:1 (short bow B)

 *not sure which unit to use for general, CM or FP – probably FP. 

But of course I have sufficient numbers of Iberians or Gauls to substitute Peltasts (FL), or slingers to replace bows as needed. Additionally, because Syracuse has option for long range archery, I would hate not to use it:

1x ART, M:0, VBU:1, I:1, VD:1 (ART A)

We shall see how Syracuse behaves in the filed, but at first glance, it seems rather static but ranged (short bows are not most powerful, nor are they best ranged, but do hit from greater distance than javelin) – and when FP are equipped with long spears, an anti horse army. I can see how this would work against Rome in some extend. Interestingly, hoplites have better impetus bonus, prompting offensive play, but not before ranged units have softened Roaman legions and removed defensive pila.  Period Roman legions in pure defense, armed with pila are probably, if not more powerful, then equal.

Of course, amending the army with Gauls, would give quite potent shock force, and I wonder how tables could be turned by utilizing artillery and Gauls (if Gauls can be kept in control). In any case, regardless of Syracusan actual battlefield performance, they are suitable cannon fodder for Romans and Carthaginians.

And then…

However, I might have left it to that, but didn’t because the order was a few bits short for buy per unit scheme. First I thought that some more elephants would be in order – and then some long pointy things. So, it appears that Romans have now another threat coming from the East.

Hence, I included sufficient units in the mix to have later Macedonian and Successor armies (probably has something to do with recent book I’ve been reading). This small deviation means early and later Seleucids and their pike formations, cataphract elephants and chariots. I am inclined to think that Successor armies would be rather interesting to play. Especially against Rome.

 I have to admit, as much as I would have wanted to, I did keep away from Parthians at this time. I might go there later, but first, I need to test my mobile Carthaginians and reduce the lead pile.

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