More Iberian light cavalry

After a little break in painting ancients, I took time to finish of remaining two units of javelin armed Iberian light cavalry. I think that CL is actually one of the more interesting units that can be used by Carthage in the era of Roman Republic. I have to admit that recent research on the Parthians may have something to do with it, but as far as I have reasoned, mobile army, given separate command would be formidable hammer (unless separating the mobile force will cost too much to weaken the heavy infantry that should be acting as anvil). Perhaps javelin armed horsemen are not as good as when armed with composite bow, but it does have benefit – they can be used for shock attack as well as ranged units.

Iberian CL2

Of course Iberian light cavalry is very versatile also because it can be employed by Romans, Carthaginians and of Iberians (I will have modest Iberian army, just for the fun of it). Employing Iberian cavalry for Romans that are regularly rather obsessed with legions, gives level of mobility that normally is missing from Roman army (Roman Equites are not really all that good, which is very historical). While legions are good fighting other foot troops, they have suffered in the past when facing superior numbers of (ranged) cavalry that refuse direct contact.

Iberian CL3

I am sure though that my plan for more mobile force will have defects. I would still have to be able to confront the bulk of Roman legions with now reduced numbers of heavy infantry (and assorted Gallic and Iberian allies) acting as anvil. I could expect that the main army – if the speedy cavalry gets bogged down, will suffer rather badly. Additionally, there is the issue of Roman Triarii.

Iberian CL4

Well, whichever way it will end up, I think that it is nice to have several options (actually, for Carthage, I would like to have variation from all heavy infantry to highly fragmented gallic and iberian army that is nearly out of control). After all, it is not goal to find winning combination as much as it is to find combination that offers new interesting ways to fight. I should think that building highly optimized and competitive all around army would steal away the fun of the game.

Iberian CL5Now I only need to finish two more Punic CM to have all of the Carthaginian cavalry available in the pool. This would allow me to field modest cavalry command consisting 3x CM and 4x CL and attach commander to one of the CM. After some Roman expansion, I should be able to field the two armies against each other (in 300 point range) and see who wins the field.


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