French line infantry arrives

As mentioned earlier, my previously chosen color of French uniforms were so badly off that I needed to find replacement paint scheme that would look decent. Now, after a bit of break and study, I have painted test battalion of French Cuirassiers and also finished painting first of the line infantry. Of course these are still in need of basing and final touches, but they look already much better than the earlier versions. I think that I could now proceed to paint the rest of the French army.

French line infantry2

I do, however, still need to pay more attention to the details and steadiness of hand, because Baccus new cast figures do offer remarkable amount of detail for the scale – albeit perhaps not as much as Adler.

I do like dynamic poses and superb details that Adler figures offer, and cavalry that looks much, much better but I am still not quite sure if they mix well with Baccus. I may need to have a look at them more closely at some point.

French line infantry1Now, there is of course the problem of old figures that have been painted with very wrong blue and I will now need to find out how to paint them again with minimal effort. Of course if repainting everything proves too complicated, then I need to find some other solution. In any case, I would not like to waste decent figures.

Meanwhile, my todo list has number of complex shield designs waiting in a form of unfinished Gallic and Iberian tribes. First as to have more punch for Carthage in full Impetus, and secondly to have full Iberian army for Basic Impetus. There is, of course looming interest for Seleucid pike blocks that I have kept at arms length for a while now.

As it happens, [Basic] Impetus has found its way to the table much more frequently than any other game and therefore capitalizing on the sudden rise in popularity would not necessarily be a bad thing. Besides certain armies of ancient era are very much of interest anyways.

A side note, I found one more obscure title to refight Napoleonic battles, a ruleset called March Attack. Never heard of them before, but it caught my interest because the command structure included orders that need to be given to troops, and which the troops need to obey until new orders were received. It sounded somewhat like the part I really enjoy in Signal Close Action, so I had to pick a copy (investment of 6 pounds wasn’t that bad). Since my two base battalions also happen to be compatible, I guess there will be more about those later.

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