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Reading for the Weekend – The Macedonian War Machine

It is time to look at the Macedonian War Machine by David Karunanithy (ISBN# 9781783469963). First I have to note that this book is perhaps intended for casual reader – but, if you have keen interest on antiquity and you … Continue reading

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Enter Syracusa

Because I needed some Italian allies for Carthage, an option came up to build army for Syracuse. I checked what is actually needed to form a functional army for BI and surprisingly or not, most units that would be nice to … Continue reading

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More Iberian light cavalry

After a little break in painting ancients, I took time to finish of remaining two units of javelin armed Iberian light cavalry. I think that CL is actually one of the more interesting units that can be used by Carthage in the era … Continue reading

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Review – Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

Since there has been recently a bit of theme involving Carthage and Rome in Basic Impetus, I thought that while that is going on, it would be decent time to introduce Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. Card driven masterpiece from the … Continue reading

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French line infantry arrives

As mentioned earlier, my previously chosen color of French uniforms were so badly off that I needed to find replacement paint scheme that would look decent. Now, after a bit of break and study, I have painted test battalion of French Cuirassiers … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – Defeat of Rome in the East

This time it is time to go back in history somewhat and have a look at Defeat of Rome in the East, by Gareth C. Sampson (ISBN# 978 1 844156 764, eISBN# 9781844686346). First, of course, if anything, this would … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – Joachim Murat

Joachim Murat – Marshall of France and King of Naples by Andrew Hilliard Atteridge (ISBN# 978-1843421948) is actually reproduction of boot published originally in 1911. Joachim Murat was like many of those who rose into high ranks of the Empire, from humble origins. … Continue reading

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