Impetuous week, part III

Yet another Carthage versus Rome Basic Impetus. This time it was evening game outside (or there were actually three matches, each taking about 1 hour). We have now established quite solidly that each game takes no more than hour, and it means one can play quite good number of matches during day. Roman army almost as usual… in it’s mobile outfit.

3x FP, M:5, VBU:6, I:1, VD:3, Pilum
2x S, M:8, VBU:3, I:0, VD:1, Javelin
1x CL, M:12, VBU:3, I:1, VD:1, Javelin (Numidian Light Cavalry)
2x CM, M:10, VBU:4, I:1, VD:3

Carthage on the other side adopted well established structure but ventured a bit for Iberians. Boosted light cavalry, less skirmishers, Italian allies  and Hannibal veterans. Instead of Gauls, javelin armed Iberians.

1x FP, M:5, VBU:6, I:1, VD:3 (Hannibal veterans)
1x FP, M:5, VBU:4, I:1, VD:3 (Italian Allies)
2x FL, M:8, VBU:4, I:1, VD:1, Javelin (Iberian Scutarii)
1x S, M:8, VBU: 2, I:1, VD:1, Javelin
2x CL, M:12, VBU: 4, I:1, VD:2, Javelin (Spanish Light Cavalry)
1x CM, M:10, VBU:5, I:1, VD:1
1x EL, M:8, VBU:4, I:4, VD:1

Iberian Scutarii had their debut. They did not perform really badly, but nor did they perform well. In any case, easier to control than Gauls. Later in one game where proxies were used to represent all Iberian army, they were actually quite interesting and bit unusual to play.

Initial dispositions. Roman traditional start.

Initial dispositions. Roman traditional start. Carthaginians deploying cavalry in the middle. Wondering what they were up to…

Steady advance

Steady advance – except by Roman equites on the right who, because of deployment mistake ended up taking elephants head on, decided to sidestep right.

Iberians approaching legion in neat stack.

Iberians approaching legion in neat stack.

Roman / Carthaginian standstill starts...

Carthaginian Cavalry traps itself between the two halves of the battle, not being able to aid either one. Roman / Carthaginian standstill starts…

... and continues.

… and continues. Just in time for Roman Equites to find position…

Romans start to take beating, but so does Carthage.

Romans start to take beating and retreat, but so does Carthage.


Iberian Scutarii did finish off Roman legion on the right, but elephant impetus was damped by fire and general was spared from the elephant onslaught.

Successful flanking maneuver by Romans - and end game.

Successful flanking maneuver by Romans doomed Carthaginian veterans and Italian allies – and end game.

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