Iberian Shields

Iberian Scutarii1I have been working on Iberian Scutarii recently to build small fighting force for Basic Impetus and on the other hand more troops for Carthaginian Impetus army. Essentially, The Iberian contingent would have following (or possible without the single Celtiberian mercenary):

3x S Caetratii (M:8, VBU:3, I:1, VD:1, Javelin) 
1x FL Celtiberians (M:8, VBU:4, I:4, VD:2) Javelin
4x FL Scutarii (M:8, VBU:4, I:1, VD:2, Javelin)
2x CL (M:12, VBU:3, I:1, VD:2)
1x CM (M:10, VBU:4, I:2, VD:3)

Iberian Scutarii2There is no doubt that romans adopted something else from Iberians than glaudius. Iberians and Celtiberians also used pila like weapon called soliferrum – essentially, and as name implies, heavy solid iron javelin that had great penetration power – not so unlike pilum. Of course it is hard to determine the origins of falarica, soliferrum, plum and other similar weapons employed by Rome and it’s neighbors.Iberian Scutarii3Decided to add more flock to make bases to look like they are bit rougher ground, ideal terrain for Light Foot (FL).


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