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Impetuous week, part III

Yet another Carthage versus Rome Basic Impetus. This time it was evening game outside (or there were actually three matches, each taking about 1 hour). We have now established quite solidly that each game takes no more than hour, and … Continue reading

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DSLB Historial Scenario – Battle of Hagelburg 1813

Battle of Hagelburg was small scale conflict between Prussians and French 27 August, 1813 as part of Prussian liberation. What makes this particular battle attractive, besides of it being relatively small, is the fact that it was one of the first battles … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – Admiral Byng

Admiral Byng – His Rise and Execution by Chris Ware (ISBN# 978-1-84415-781-5, eISBN 9781844684984). I do have to admit that the book is a slight deviation from the previous ones. Controversial incident of Admiral Byng happened somewhat before Napoleonic era, … Continue reading

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Action at Adriatic – Battle of Lissa 13 March 1811

Previously I looked at the scenario of the Battle of Pirano, which actually happened chronologically after Battle of Lissa (a side note, there was another battle of Lissa 55 years later, 20 July 1866 during 3rd Italian War of independence and … Continue reading

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Iberian Shields

I have been working on Iberian Scutarii recently to build small fighting force for Basic Impetus and on the other hand more troops for Carthaginian Impetus army. Essentially, The Iberian contingent would have following (or possible without the single Celtiberian … Continue reading

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Basic Impetus Review

I was looking for a game to fight ancient battles. Mostly because I wanted to create couple of nice little 6mm ancient armies. I had tried in the past several different games to fight ancient battles, such as DBM and … Continue reading

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Austrian German line infantry

I have finished off first set of bulk infantry for Austrians in shakos. Since this was the first patch of the men in white I painted, I made mistake with the uniforms (curiously, how can that happen with all white uniforms?). … Continue reading

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