Signal Close Action – Little fleet encounter

Scenario is purely hypothetical and could have occurred somewhere in the northern station during American revolutionary wars. We assume that British fleet consists of a few ships of the line and powerful frigate squadron, however neither alone strong enough to beat French. Combining both would give British fighting chance. Aggressive as always British squadron have chased French and with faster ships would have either overtaken slower French vessels and capture them without much resistance or withdraw if opposition would be too stiff.

French have stronger fleet and decent command but they are slowed down by foul Evillé (64). Seeing that half of British fleet are Frigates, French decided to accept the battle. French have significant advantage, strong Duc de Bourgogne (80) and Conquérant (74) are excellent fighting ships. Only with clever maneuvering British can overcome the disparity.

French start from the lee side and British have the wind cage. Frigates should start 30cm ahead of rest of the British ships of the line. French should have starting distance of 20cm between the ships and British should be between 10 and 15. Both fleets are traveling North West with any sail state, but no less than Easy Sail. Distance of the fleets should be about 40cm. between the closest vessels.

Wind blows from North East and is a Fresh Breeze. Wind speed and direction is checked normally. Both sides have ships beaten to quarters and are ready for battle. There are no other special considerations and Sea Room is available in every direction.

I would recommend game for three players, of which one player would take British frigates, one the ships of the line and one the French.

Whomever gains more victory points at the end of 30 + 2d6 turns (additional turns rolled at the end of 30 turn period and this indicates dawn) wins the game. To make British behave aggressively, if  50% British fleet is disabled and French manage to flee without being shot for 10 turns, it is French minor victory.

Included link to pdf: Weekend scenario – oob, which has the order of battle. The fleet sheets include sufficient space for damage and other notes.

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