Impetus reinforcements

balearic slingers1I have completed first out of four stands of speed painted Balearic slingers for Impetus army. First single stand is to be employed by Carthaginians in Full Impetus, and others later probably by Romans with their wealthy coffers.

balearic slingers2Balearic slingers are made famous by Livy and Strabo. By no doubt their services as mercenaries were used by all armies around Mediterranean, who had access to them. There were other slingers famous of their accuracy and dexterity, for sling is deadly and accurate weapon for those that know how to use it. Range of a slingshot can be up to 400m with hight trajectory. Originally hunting weapon, slings found their way to military service early in history. Ammunition is cheap, accessible and sling construction easy. Many iron age locations have been found with slingshot caches indicating common usage in both defense and offense. Ultimately, trebuchet is the culmination of the design principle.

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