Painting French – pain of colors

French uniform colors are something that there is such abundance of information concerning ‘the right blue’ that I am about to give up. Fortunately, Ospery has some really good resources about uniforms (Napoleon’s Line Infantry, Men at Arms series), organization and other matters of interest. I have used Osprey books long time ago as resources but then I entirely forgot that they exist. Now, I have amended my bookshelf with several books of interest, and I can take a look at the  uniforms and see if I can make better in the future.

As a result, I went through various companies that produce paints and tried to figure out what is actually the right tone of blue. What I used so far was so wrong that it is actually embarrassing – way too light even for the scale. Games workshop regal blue on the other hand, what I used for the foot artillery also looks quite wrong – actually closer to Prussian blue uniform color in 6mm scale.

Of course I had the realization that the uniform colors were not right some time ago, but I wasn’t sure how badly I was off. As a result, my next try is to use Foundry (since it seems that Polly Scale has made sudden departure from the market) colors and start painting in layers, including highlights and washes – which I have mostly skipped because of the small scale. Since half of the French army that I have painted some time ago appears in wrong color uniforms, I have not yet decided what is to become of them. Luckily, most are of the old cast anyways.

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