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Reading for the Weekend – Admiral of the Blue

Admiral of the Blue, The life and times of Admiral John Child Purvis (1747-1825) by Iain Gordon (ISBN# 1-84415-294-4, ePub ISBN 9781844682317). Remarkable thing about John Child Purvis is the fact that his career was not at all that remarkable. … Continue reading

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Numidian Lights

Since some new Foundry paints appeared, I finished a stand of Numidian light cavalry for Impetus or Basic Impetus to act as a reinforcement to the Carthaginians – or Romans. As usual, they are rather low on VBU (3), but … Continue reading

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Little fleet encounter AAR

There was a game of the ‘Little fleet encounter’ other day, and as it seems the disparity of forces gave quite interesting challenge (at least for the British). Since the starting positions call French not to have wind cage, and starting … Continue reading

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Review – Drums and Shakos Large Battles

As it is quite evident, my preferred ruleset to fight Napoleonic battles is Drums and Shakos Large Battles (DSLB for short). Since there is a bit of material on the subject, but no review, I will add one now. Rules … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action – Little fleet encounter

Scenario is purely hypothetical and could have occurred somewhere in the northern station during American revolutionary wars. We assume that British fleet consists of a few ships of the line and powerful frigate squadron, however neither alone strong enough to beat French. … Continue reading

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Limited intelligence PBEM naval action

Starting point: Two players, small fleets (perhaps even single ship actions) and an umpire. Players controlling the fleets are stepping into the shoes of the admirals, commanders or captains, but unlike normal tabletop miniature game, only view players have over the … Continue reading

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French Dragoons

Dragoons in general were considered to land somewhere between Cuirassier and various light cavalry troops such as Hussars. Name dragoon comes from the shorter rifle that these very versatile cavalrymen used. When cuirassiers had an armor and they carried to the … Continue reading

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