Army shot – Prussian Infantry

It has taken a while to prepare, paint and base all of them even though it isn’t whole lot of infantry. So far I have completed 10 battalions worth of landwehr and 8 battalions worth of regulars. In fact, two battalions of regulars wait to be painted as grenadiers – which ought to be quite easy because after the brief Prussian surrender, there was no clear distinction in uniforms of grenadier and regular infantry. Not something that would be strikingly evident in 6mm scale anyway.

Currently completed Prussian infantry (Baccus 6mm).

Currently completed Prussian infantry. Regulars at the front, landwehr at the back. (Baccus 6mm).

Proportionally, Prussian army had less and less regulars and more and more landwehr and reservists when war progressed. In fact, to equip the army somewhat more appropriately in it’s post bankruptcy state, proportions should be roughly one part regulars, two parts (or more) of landwehr and reserve infantry each. My Prussians appear to be way too well off.

In any case, I’d ought to include at least that 12 battalions worth of reservists to the pool. If for no other reason, just to have some color in the fellows. It is always handy to have some expendable cannon fodder in play. Even if 12 battalions is not at all that much when considering that application.

After that, the big question remains – and it seems there are two alternatives, wether I would expand the current two base per battalion to either four bases per battalion, or go a step further and have one 30x30mm base resemble company? Hmmm.

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