Yet more Prussian cavalry

It seems that my Prussian army just cannot have enough cavalry. Now it is turn to look at the Prussian uhlans. Unlike their counterparts in Austrian and Polish army, later Prussian uhlans were dressed up in sober headgear (shako before 1815). Prussian uhlans did not reap similar fame in battlefield as their Polish counterparts (Austrian uhlans came exclusively from Galicia, only one regiment of Prussian uhlans came from Silesia) and their numbers were limited just to three regiments before 1815. Curiously, some uhlans did serve under Napoleon during grande tour of Russia. (If they were volunteers, I guess they were from Silesia).

Prussian uhlans, Silesian regiment

Prussian uhlans, Silesian regiment. They performed solidly in the battlefield but gained less fame than Polish and Austrian counterparts (Baccus 6mm)

Austrian and Polish uhlans will follow when time permits. The order has arrived and units cleaned and sorted for painting. I am planning to paint two regiments for Vistula legion, and remaining three to bolster Austrians – like they really needed that.

Keeping in mind - If I develop sudden urgency to build Russian army, that I have these to use against them.

Keeping in mind – If I develop sudden urgency to build Russian army, that I have these to deploy against them (Baccus 6mm)

Of course all these additions to cavalry arm mean that Prussian army is becoming very versatile, but also very ahistorical if I ought to field all at once. Perhaps there is a need for reservist brigade or two to even things out?

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