Prussian cavalry rides on…

Since I had them half ready at hand, I thought to finish off some Prussian cavalry for a change – yes, I know, I supposed to start the French Cuirassiers and Dragoons but the Prussian models are better and nicer to paint.

Landwehr cavalry and Landwehr was Prussian response to the French imposed limitations and territorial concessions in the Treaty of Tilsit (1807). Continental blockade ruined the state finances and de facto bankruptcy of the Prussian state followed. No wonder French were not particularly liked in Prussia and Landwehr swelled by volunteers. Unlike Landwehr infantry, cavalry arm was much more reliable and closer to regular troops.

Two regiments of Prussian landwehr cavalry.

Two regiments of 6mm Prussian Landwehr cavalry in (30mm x 30mm base). When fresh, could perform as well as French light cavalry. These volunteer men were often dubbed deplorable by Prussian officers. Who had the splendid idea to equip them with lance, weapon of notorious difficulty?

Prussian Dragoons were excellent fighting force and probably most heavily utilized all around force of Prussian army. Surely I have to include at least two regiments of such fine troopers to the army (unfortunately original order had some missing, and therefore only one is present, until missing cavalrymen arrive).

One regiment of 6mm Prussian Dragoons.

One regiment of 6mm Prussian Dragoons (30mm x 30 mm base).

Prussian Hussars – one of them (Totenkopf-husaren) very famous, and not present because I was thinking something else when I painted the four regiments. Ridiculous as it sounds – to identical colors. I will have to remedy that by repainting some of the pelisse in correct colors, albeit the light blue dolman and pelisse is correct at least for two regiments. One benefit of 6mm – one cannot easily see the cords and buttons.

Two regiments of 6mm Prussian Hussars. Two are to be altered due to absent mindedness...

Two regiments of 6mm Prussian Hussars (30mm x 30mm base). Two are to be altered due to absent mindedness…

Last but not least, I did paint Prussian Cuirassiers in campaign outfit – hence the blue litewka instead of white kollet. Not as good idea as it sounded, and not only because the blue turned too bright. Would I have painted litewka in right color, Cuirassiers, instead of standing out, would blend in with the rest of the rabble.

6mm Prussian Cuirassiers in their campaign outfit. I don't really like the way they turned up.

6mm Prussian Cuirassiers (30mm x 30mm base) in their campaign outfit ready to charge someone. I don’t really like the way they turned up – they almost look like French?!

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