Roman army for Basic Impetus

Republican Roman Basic Impetus army is now complete. I will stand as follows:

  • 2x CM (M:10, VBU:4, I:1, VD:3) (general attached to one)
  • 4x FP (M:5, VBU:6, I:1, VD:3)
  • 2x S (M:8, VBU:2, I:0, VD:1)

Spanish Light Cavalry that I ordered recently will have at least one base too many, and there is an alternative to  replace one Legion (FP) from above with Spanish light cavalry (CL) and increase Velites (S) VBU to 3. This might actually be a good move against some enemies , but for now I think I keep the army purely Roman to see how it fares against Carthaginians.

  • 1x CL (M:12, VBU:3, I:1, VD:2)
Whole roman army for Basic Impetus.

Group shot of roman army for Basic Impetus.

Next step would be to finish up Carthaginians and then build terrain to fight over. Good news are that pitched battles of ancient era tend to have relatively minimal terrain features.

Of course when thinking of terrain, Battles of Teutoburg forest would make interesting and visually appealing scenarios. While in reality the battles were very one sided, slight chances in the historical deployment could give Romans a fighting chance.

In Teutoburg forest, Publicus Quinctilius Varus led  three legions and auxiliaries to their end in hands of Arminius. For Roman empire, Legions lost by Varus were significant percentage of the Roman standing army and disaster brought Roman Germanian tour to a halt for a while.


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