Impetus continued…

Last time I had started the Impetus armies with Polybian Roman legions and were still working on Gauls, Roman and Carthaginian cavalry, Numidians and Punic citizen infantry. I realized that I managed somehow forget light cavalry (CL) and Spanish Caetratii (S) from the original order. While correcting that mistake, I thought to increase the Spanish range a bit and included Baleric slingers and Scutarii for future development of the armies. I bet Peter @Baccus will be happy.

To stay in the theme that has not yet really took off, I did also order one pack (5 stands worth in my not so densely populated regiments) of Austrian Uhlans to get reinforcement for French Polish division and ever expanding Austrian army. More about those once order arrives.

Today I finished two units of Numidian infantry (FP). In a hindsight, I should have made them in three ranks (36 figures for base instead of 24). Little denser arrangement would make them look much better.  I have still two bases worth of these to paint, but these will do for now.


Next my Carthaginian (not so)secret weapon, four bases worth of very impetuous Gallic warband (FL) of which two are ready. I plan to use as a large unit. I am not entirely happy how they turned out, but oh well.

Finally, the last missing element of the mighty Roman army, the two missing bases of medium cavalry (CM). I had an option to use 9 troopers for each base, but since it looked a bit too empty as a single line, I decided to have 12 for base in one and a half lines. I still have one base worth to paint and they are half-way done, but will finish them at later time.


Next time, hopefully something little different.


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