What is going on at the Austrian front?

I do not know why I ended up with Austrians – perhaps because my initial idea of building Prussian army ended up in realization that early one is no match for French, and later one is, well, sort of Landwerish. In any case, I did end up painting some Prussians because, frankly I like Landwehr and their unpredictability.

On the other hand, Prussians seem to be joining forces with Russia all the time, and I really did not want to start Russians too (albeit I cannot say that I would not like their pike armed militia). Somehow I thought at the end that Austria would put up a good show – why else would they be wearing white?

My rules of choice is rather little known, but remarkably fluent and fun Drums and Shakos Large Battles. Of course I needed to tweak the standard basing a bit. Instead of four bases of infantry, I go with two – at least until I have sufficient numbers painted for four base arrangement – which may take considerable time if any historical fights are to be fought. Of course the official excuse is that this way games take less space.

Each infantry base is 30 x 30mm and holds 12 troopers, cavalry is slightly less equally divided.

So, what do I have ready now of the men in white?

Some tough Hungarian grenadiers in their funny hats.

Austrian Hussars in their funny hats, which I think turned out quite ok. There are few more regiments to finish.

austrian generals

And since above needs to be commanded by someone, here we have the command staff.

For DSLB, currently working on Prussian Uhlans, Hussars, Dragoons and Hungarian infantry. It seems that I also appear to have immense amount of Austrian artillery to paint.

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