Not quite Napoleonic start – Roman sideshow

Purpose of this blog is to keep track and stay motivated to reduce the ever increasing pile of lead in the corner, which is mostly sailing ships, gunboats, Napoleonic Prussians, French and Austrians. Except for the ships, there is no particular battles I am aiming at, but paint because it is fun.

Besides of the title, I have been very slowly painting Roman and Carthaginian armies for Basic impetus. I thought that since Carthaginian forces are composed by large part from Gallic and Numidian allies, I would probably be able to field those armies as well.

Since republican Romans are simple, I am starting from Polybian Roman legions armed with pilum (FP), 36 6mm troopers based on 30 x 60mm bases. I think that 6mm is perfect scale to give an idea that army truly looks like an army, and also allows relatively compact games.


Mighty roman legion hastati & principes.

Legions need some skirmishing velites (S) and I would only need two for Basic Impetus. However, since I had some extra troops I fielded 4 bases of them. I thought that 12 for base would not make it look too crowded but not too few either.


Roman skirmishing Velites with javelins.

And of course, to start the Carthaginian force, what would be better than elephants (EL)?


Carthaginian African forrest elephants. Not sure if they used howdahs though.

For (Basic) Impetus currently working on: Gauls, Punic infantry, Numidian infantry, Roman and Carthaginian cavalry.


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